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I began my professional career as a clinical social worker.  The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (1968) prepared me for a varied mental health career in NY, NJ, Missouri and then, in 1977, to Mt. Vernon Center for Community Mental health in Virginia.  My interest in helping people strengthen their coping and problem solving skills led to combining my social working values with my interest in prevention of mental health problems using the medium of video.

Channel 10

 I was interested in reaching a broader community than I could in person, providing parenting and life transition classes, and when Fairfax Public Access, Channel 10, opened in 1983, I was in the second class. My initial goal of producing educational and prevention oriented mental health, health and “people” programs, expanded to music, dance and theater programming,. 

Channel 10 and my skills and interest in helping people celebrate their lives and tell their stories on video led to my video production business(1992), in response to being asked  to video  special events, training and performances. When I left Mt. Vernon in 1986 for private practice in Burke, VA, I continued my volunteer Channel 10 activities.

Media Masters

I decided to leave private practice for  full-time video production with my production company, Media Masters, Inc.in 2003. 

The use of video in everyday life, has opened up  a  whole world of possibilities to reach people and I wanted to combine my social work and video production skills to create video for web, DVD and digital distribution. 

Besides marketing and promotional videos, I can produce training and fund-raising videos, personal living history videos, tribute, retirement, memorial and special event videos. 

Fairfax VA

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